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The HOK is one of our newest additions to our last variety & it has actually been very well received amongst our most discerning consumers, as a result of its comfy & sustaining fit. For the introduction of this distinct natural leather we’ve created a new Jumper Boot just for the occasion the version # 101200. Horween’s Shell Cordovan is one of the most desired natural leathers in the shoemaking market, and that is for a factor. Keep up to date with the most recent on new launches, features, as well as new store items by subscribing to our complimentary daily e-newsletter. Mahogany shell Cordovan is an antique brownish with a touch of red. An enchanting bottle eco-friendly with emerald notes, eco-friendly Shell Cordovan is a special leather with the capacity for some interesting patina.

color 8 shell cordovan

An abundant dark brownish with burgundy/eggplant tones, Shade # 8 Covering Cordovan has the prospective to create an exceptionally rich aging, with brighter, burnished tones of red that appear like shade # 2 and past. Desirable by leather heads worldwide, Color # 8 is often described simply as ‘Cordovan’. Scotch Covering Cordovan is a medium to light brown tone, however a few shades lighter than Brandy.


A stunning natural leather paired with our newest Jumper Boot– the outcome is a classic casual boot ready to serve you well the years to come. Horween makes use of a number system to identify Covering Cordovan from Shade 2, the lightest and most red, through Color 8, the darkest and most brown. Understood for its phenomenal patina, Color 8 is treasured by collection agencies and usually described as “Cordovan.”. Amaretto Shell Cordovan falls in between Whiskey Shell Cordovan as well as Ravello Shell Cordovan.

With correct care, your Alden Color 8 Covering Cordovan shoes will certainly turn into one of your best and favored investments. An additional rarely seen Shell, Color # 6 Shell Cordovan is a medium-dark brownish with dark red tones, a couple of shades lighter than Shade # 8. A classic, oxblood red, color # 2 has tones of cherry red and cozy timber which will certainly become much more evident as the item of natural leather ages. Known the world over to those guys that’ve graduated to the pursuit of the highest quality. The Alden Footwear Company was started in 1884 by Charles H. Alden in Middleborough, Massachusetts and also is now the only original New England footwear and also boot-maker continuing to be of the hundreds that started so long ago. Still a household owned company, The Alden Footwear Firm continues to continue a practice of genuine-welted shoe-making that is phenomenal in every means.

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Natural Covering Cordovan which has had the glazing step left out, leaving it with a matt texture that reveals more of the natural leather’s natural character. Natural Covering Cordovan has one of the most prospective when it pertains to patina, as it is undyed, leaving it to age and darken itself. The shells are polished with an old made glazing jack which quickly scrubs a glass pole back and forth on the hide to provide it a sleek look. An extremely hardly ever seen shade of Covering Cordovan, Gunmetal is a grey tone that meets its name with sparkling silver tones.

color 8 shell cordovan

Uppers featured an enhanced textile pull tab and also on this brand-new pattern, fitted with 5 sets of eyelets plus 4 sets of solid brass speed-hooks for and added convenience. On this brand-new pattern we have actually worked a great deal on the backpart, guaranteeing it adjusts completely to provide an exceptional assistance. It’s time to introduce to our leather variety among the most interesting & sought-after natural leathers– the one-of-a-kind Horween Shell Cordovan. Use our fit finder to locate your excellent fit or return for store credit within 14 days. Similar to Brand Name as well as Scotch, Brandy Covering Cordovan is a rich medium-to-light brownish.

They believe in concentrating on the improvement of their actual products, instead of merely promoting them. To those who recognize Alden this version is commonly described merely as the 975. Similar to in navies of old this version might be categorized as a “Capital Ship” because it’s one of the most vital shoes needed in your collection of footwear.

  • A rich as well as complicated medium brown that flaunts tips of red as well as darker tones of brown in different lights, Color # 4 is a seldom seen shade of Shell Cordovan.
  • Despite its fancy tanning procedure, Shell Cordovan is produced in a selection of shades, which unlike a lot of natural leathers, have trademark names that don’t differ much from supplier to maker.
  • I had a set of the Bartlett Oxfords in Black, as well as wanted to obtain them in Amber also.
  • Amaretto Covering Cordovan drops in between Whiskey Shell Cordovan as well as Ravello Shell Cordovan.
  • While some patina is anticipated in time, it won’t be as dark or vivid as the agings earned by natural covering cordovan.

Covering Cordovan is the finest leather worldwide and will certainly last greater than a lifetime! We have actually fitted this classic oxford with a set of our “Watertight” leather soles that offer premium durability and water resistance. Made in Maine, U.S.A.. Blake Welt Stitch Construction. An abundant and also complicated medium brownish that shows off tips of red and darker tones of brownish in various lights, Shade # 4 is a hardly ever seen color of Shell Cordovan. In spite of its fancy tanning process, Covering Cordovan is generated in a variety of shades, which unlike a lot of leathers, have signature names that do not vary much from supplier to manufacturer.

color 8 shell cordovan

Though it can be worn with a match, its optimal suit would certainly be the sports coat as well as pants, however in the warmer months you can even pair it with shorts. If you are not pleased with your acquisition you can return the unworn set of footwear within 60 days of obtaining the item for a reimbursement or installment plan. Considering that 1905, Horween Natural Leather Business has been generating a few of the finest natural leathers for shoemaking as well as other sectors in Chicago, IL. Horween Natural leather Co. is widely understood due to its items, quality & its practice, and it is for an excellent factor. The brand-new Rancourt felt limited fitting them on for the very first time, however a quickly as my feet were completely in the footwear and the laces linked they were Sooo comfy.

color 8 shell cordovan

Crafted in Alden’s signature Shade 8 Horween Shell Cordovan Natural leather these shoes appropriate for any kind of event minus black tie occasions. The 975 is a timeless classic as well as will certainly function completely with suits, denim or perhaps shorts. Covering Cordovan is commonly hailed as the ‘king of leathers’, and also for good factor.

color 8 shell cordovan